Voice Vision is a significant project of Basudeo Bubna Memorial Trust.

Voice Vision’s goal is to empower people who are visually impaired through integrated programs that help them attain dignity, become independent, and build a more inclusive world. Voice Vision stands for the values of Independence, Inclusion, and Dignity.

We have been enabling visually impaired with the help of technology since April 2000. Our goal has been to facilitate interaction between visually impaired, their families and society, to help them realize their dreams and to promote social inclusion.
We believe in making the world a place where blindness is not a handicap, but a mere inconvenience.

More about Voice Vision at: Voice Vision

Key activities and highlights
Following are few of the main activities of Voice Vision.

Computer training center:
Computer training is provided using screen reading software called JAWS (text to speech software which helps visually impaired operates a computer by reading the screen.)

Knowledge sessions:
We impart various soft skills & live skills training via the knowledge sessions to blind & low vision participants. For example, sessions are conducted on - mobility tips using various transportation means, first aid training, sexuality & intimacy, self-employment opportunities, financial planning & investments, etc.

Facilitating a platform where disabled and non disabled people can come & find their prospective partner. Connect with one another and take their relationship ahead. The idea is to sensitize people along with their parents, family members, guardians with such get-togethers. Matrimonial section on the website helps registration and online search of prospective bride and groom.